Making Fruitful Resolutions

Happy 2023!! It’s the 1 year anniversary of our Wild + Beautiful Podcast, and a new year. In this week’s episode on resolutions, we mentioned a free resource that my dad created. It’s a series of questions to help you reflect. And in reflecting, help you better create resolutions that are God-focused, fruitful, and meaningful.


Personal Assessment Questions:

  1. What did I do regularly this past year that fed me spiritually?
  2. What did I do this past year that distracted, discouraged or kept me from positive growth?
  3. In what ways did I see God working in my life this past year?  
  4. How’s my time with God on a daily basis?  Consistent or inconsistent?  Meaningful or empty/unmemorable?  What are the barriers to consistency and meaningfulness in my time with God?  What could I do this year to improve both?  
  5. How well did I steward my body and health this past year?  What positive changes would I like to make this next year to grow in my stewardship?
  6. How well did I steward the other resources God has given me of
    1. time 
    2. money 
    3. relationships
    4. opportunities
    5. other
  7. What were my greatest challenges or frustrations this past year?  What can I do with God and others that will improve them this next year?  

Spouse/Marriage Questions:

  1. What were the best memories that we made together this year as a couple?
  2. What were the best memories that we made together this year as a family?
  3. What would you consider the key challenges we faced as a family this past year? With each child?  In our marriage?
  4. If someone were to ask you, “Describe your current marriage relationship,” what would you say and why?
  5. If you could change anything about last year, what would it be and why?
  6. Based on the experiences that we have had as a couple and as a family, what have you learned about God and His work in our lives?
  7. What are 3 trips or activities that you would enjoy doing together this next year?
  8. What is one thing you would like us to share on a regular basis this next year?
  9. What do I do that ministers to you and you would love it if I did it more?
  10. What are your top fears/concerns for your life?  For ach of our children?

Kid Questions:

  1. What’s your favorite day of the week and why?
  2. What have been some of the best times you have had with me this past year? 
  3. If you had to give me some advice on being a better parent, what would it be and why?
  4. What are some things that you would like to talk with me about and why?
  5. What are some of your fears/concerns that you would like me to pray for you about?
  6. What is something that you would like to do with me on a regular basis?  As a special event?
  7. How can I help you grow to love God more?  What do I do now that helps you know God better?
  8. How do you think you have changed and grown this past year?  
  9. What activity would you like to do this next year that you haven’t done yet?  Which activities do you want to continue to do?

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