Here’s to Living Brave, Together. [PODCAST]

If you’re here, you know we’re in a fight: 

A fight for Truth to be heard, to be debated, & defined.

A fight to refuse to be erased, to speak boldly, and yet do so with love.

A fight to be people that are culturally relevant, and yet biblically rooted. 

My goal in this little corner of your digital world has always been to encourage you, to sometimes challenge you, but ultimately, to point you back to the Cross. Because the only life worth living is one run hard in the shadow of Calvary.

Launching this podcast is another extension of that, tackling all the topics you’re not supposed to discuss (Byeee, Cancel Culture) as we continue learning how to live out our faith in an increasingly hostile world. 

You can listen anywhere you find your favorite podcasts. If you like what you hear, please subscribe and leave a review!

It’s exciting to imagine the impact all of our Wild + Beautiful lives could have today, and for generations to come.


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