Where Are You Looking?

The disciples get a scant 40 days with Jesus and then he’s gone. And while they’re left staring slack jawed at the blank sky, two angel strangers remind them of this:

He’ll come back the way he left.

I read that and think: so that means we have to keep looking up.


Looking up when the urgency of today keeps clamoring for you to become busy distracted.

Looking up when you’re going through raging storms and you’re tempted to look around at the wind and the waves.

Looking up when the right now threatens to rob you of joy and bury you under the weight of discouragement, depression or disappointment.

As the seasons change and we shift to a new school year, a crisp fall, a different schedule, keep your eyes up when everything says to look down and plow through.

Keep your eyes up to watch for Him, to see Him and to recognize the daily miracles.

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