Is it Ok for Women to Ask Men Out?

Looking for something to talk about with your friends this weekend?

A topic that will keep you going back and forth for hours?

Ask this question: When, if ever, is it ok for women to ask men out?

I guarantee you’ll get quite the spectrum of responses, and probably get a few friends fired up!

That’s what we’re tackling today in this episode of Wisdom for Your Weekend.

Do you agree with what I said or do you think I’m way off the mark? What about exceptions?

 Leave your thoughts in the comment section on when it’s ok for girls to ask out the guy.

4 thoughts on “Is it Ok for Women to Ask Men Out?

  1. I would say no. Considering that I already feel insecure about my social capabilities, I would feel terribly insufficient as a man for a woman to take initiative in this.

    1. I think you make a great point! It can do something to a man’s self-confidence if he feels like a woman is just steamrolling right over him and running the show

  2. Be that all as it may, there are a lot of "nice guys" who are less inclined to ask a woman out, particularly depending on the circumstance. In the modern equal rights era, it is hard to know when one is crossing a line by asking out a co-worker. As such, some not so subtle direction from a woman is very helpful.

    Further, always waiting for the guy to make the move will frequently cause you to self-select the "players" rather than the more nervous or less-experienced guy.

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