Broken Dreams For Your Child

As the resident Sex Talk gal here at Roo Mag, I get the joy of encouraging parents to have more open and honest conversations with their kids about sex, equipping them to confidently speak to their teens about saving sex.

But what do you do when you find out that, despite all that you’ve said and prayed, your child has still chosen to be sexually active before marriage?

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Photo courtesy of BANDITA via flickr.

2 thoughts on “Broken Dreams For Your Child

  1. WOW thank you We have an adult daughter who 8 years ago and 5 years ago had two children without being married to the father. I have been living and experiencing each point that you have shared. My husband is still stuck in the grief stage with bitterness and a fatalistic attitude toward our daughter. I am praying as he reads Broken Dreams his heart will soften and he will experience grace and give grace to our daughter.
    I have faith that God will transform.
    thank you for this message.

    1. Thank YOU! For sharing your story and being honest with where you and your husband are at. I’m praying today that this is the start of something beautiful between him and your daughter.

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