Raising Strong Daughters

Today I’m guest posting at Roo Magazine with an article on one of my favorite topics: Fathers and Daughters.

Here’s a snippet:

I’m the oldest of six children. I’m also the only girl. Amidst all that testosterone, my parents managed to raise a daughter that is one part Martha Stewart, one part Condoleezza Rice, and a little bit of Lucille Ball, all in high heels and hairpins. Or at least that’s what I fantasize I am on my best days.

How did they do it? Countless hours of prayer. And my dad.

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2 thoughts on “Raising Strong Daughters

  1. Hello my dearest daughter! Just wanted you to know…that I love reading your stuff and can’t wait to see what I might have done right as your dad. 🙂 Love you lots. Daddy

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