Two Years in Moments

Tomorrow my husband and I will celebrate two years. Two years since we said “I do,” and embarked on the greatest, most gloriously difficult adventure of our lives.


These past two years have been made of moments that were laugh out loud good, scream in pain hard, and breathtakingly beautiful:

Sitting in the afternoon sun, enjoying a beer and talking about life and nothing.

One of us falling apart (me) and the other helplessly trying to pick up the tears.

Watching Friday Night Lights way past our bed time.

Him quitting his job.

Our first child: a paranoid, skittish, and adorable dog named Bailey.


Dinner 3 hours late because I didn’t realize that when they said braising was a slow process, it was THIS slow.

One car wreck (not my fault, I promise).

Lazy Saturday brunch at our favorite neighborhood spot,

S & W Country Diner


Enough Chipotle that we should have bought stock.

More early morning soccer games than I care to count.


Dog-child attempting suicide and surviving with little more than a scratch.

Drifting to sleep holding hands. 

Me quitting my job.

Lots, and LOTS of laughter.

 Matt Shumate Photography
Matt Shumate Photography

These are some of my moments. I’m learning to live in them and to hold them for what they are.

Nothing more. And certainly nothing less.

Happy Anniversary Mr. Andrew Hyatt!

What are your moments?